Mum's Levi's

mum's levis post smaller.jpg

Mum's jeans and scarf (worn as top), Beginning Boutique leopard faux fur, Thrifted knit

Well, its been a minute... but here I am with a very impromptu blog post. I had a very nice day yesterday, slept in way past my alarm clock (I'm not even gonna tell you what time...), did my makeup just for the hell of it, adding winged liner for a change, put my childhood bobby pins in and went searching in our huge big shed for Mum's old clothes. And here I am to show you the result of my successful, happy day. I just whipped my phone out and took photos, something I haven't been doing as regularly as I used to. It just felt so good and I had an absolute ball. Then I ended up with so many photos that I couldn't possibly post all of them on insta. And so here we are.

I included some poems and illustrations to my collage, all of which are created by one of my favourite poets Rupi Kaur- I'm sure majority of you are already familiar with her work. I really really love her poems, especially the three I included, each of them hitting close to home. Her poems, along with several other things going on in my life, has inspired me to start really trying to focus on myself and what I'm passionate about. These past few months, having moved to college, going to uni and experiencing a whole new world away from my quiet little rural home, I've been caught up in everything going on around me... I haven't had a chance to pause. I did a huge brainstorm/poster thing the other night, writing down all the things I would like to focus more on. Basically I've just written about all the things that make me happy/what I should alter to ensure everything I do brings a smile. I wrote about self-love, friends, having more time for me, whats around me, my instagram and blog, exercising, and uni, and how I can manifest even more happiness, love and passion in these various aspects of my life. Life has been SO much fun, but it also becomes A LOT at times and I sometimes find myself falling into little holes where I don't feel so good about myself or how I'm choosing to spend each passing day. But getting all my thoughts out onto paper and having the day to myself has cleared things up. I'm a gal who loves having a direction to go in, and now I just gotta work the plan I've created on my big scribbly poster :)  

Not sure why I went into all that but this little post and the photos are all very much attached to this mindset and I just wanted you to get a lil' glimpse into whats goin' on in this head of mine since I've deserted you all for so long :/

I guess the moral of this post is to allow more time to do the things you love, and I love blogging and taking photos, so I'm going to make sure time is put aside so I can focus on this creative outlet. I can't promise anything, but my aim is to have one post up a week... 

I love you all very much, and hopefully I'll see you next week!


x x x